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Turning your idea into a concrete concept
with Senior Interior Designer, Helen Faustino (Design One Stevens)

Listen,  Transform and Create! 

What would happen if you were to invite an interior designer in your home?

This week, Aileen sits down with Helen Faustino, senior designer with Design One Stevens

We all want to live in a beautiful home, however, we sometimes struggle with how to take an idea and turn it into a concrete concept, says Aileen

Aileen met Helen Faustino during an open house tour and was taken by her creativity and her charming, warm personality.

Helen was an interior designer before she even knew the word existed. She started redecorating, rearranging her bedroom as a young child. During her spare time she was creating new designs, new layout ... just for fun!

Helen takes us through her journey from being raised by a traditional Russian family to create beautiful and unique living spaces and homes in Victoria. Helen is all about story telling and her success as an interior designer is strongly rooted in family story.

"What is important to me is to tell my client's story" Helen Faustino

What happens when you invite Helen into your home?

Listen in as Aileen and Helen take us through the exciting process of developing the interior design of a single room or an entire house.


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