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Moving is difficult and stressful

The Reality is that change is difficult! There are decisions to be made, from needs and wants to financial assessment. There are new chores to be scheduled, from home prep to acquisition.
However, when you work with Aileen there is a plan in place and a schedule of events already laid out. All you have to do is describe your dream. her knowledge and service experience makes it easy to make the change you desire in your life.


Real Estate Questions Keeping You Up at Night? Ask Us


 Should I or Shouldn't I?

Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind

  • How much room do I really need?
As I glanced around the house this morning, it occurred to me that the housework had fallen behind schedule. Or perhaps the house had grown overnight and there were spaces that didn’t really need to be kept up as they weren’t being used! The kids have both left, one to a new home and husband and the other to a job overseas. The conversations my husband and I carry on seem to echo throughout the house. It’s too quiet. Do we stay here and hope the kids come home occasionally to fill the bedrooms and the house with their music, friends, and laughter? Or do we start a new life in a different home that is more geared to this changing life-style? And if we do move, what challenges are we facing?

  • The kids are growing, where do I hide?
I used to think this house was enormous! When the boys were little there seemed to be more than enough room for their toys, equipment and interests. But now that they are becoming teenagers I can’t seem to find a place in the house to call my own! Don’t get me wrong; I love to see the kids with their friends and hanging out here, I just want to be able to escape when I need a break. Just a little nook or room to call my own. I don’t want to leave the neighbourhood, I love the boy’s school and our community. I wonder what the Smith’s house is going for down the street?

  • My husband snores, where's the spare bedroom?
Good grief!  Jack kept me awake most of the night last night with his snoring!  And then he has the nerve to say that my tossing and turning kept him awake!  I think the Victorians had it right, at our age we need our own bedrooms.  Either that, or we need a guest room so that one of us can abscond to the other room when sleep eludes us.  Come to think of it, having my own bathroom would be wonderful, too!  I don’t think there is enough room in this floor plan to make those kind of changes.  I wonder what it might cost to find another house?

  • Should we start thinking about retirement?
Bill was carrying the laundry down to the basement for me the other day, and it occurred to me that we were getting too old for all the stairs in this house. I hate to leave this house where we brought up the children. This is where we celebrated so many Christmases and birthdays! Why, even our eldest daughter was married right here in the living room! Sigh, it does seem to make sense with our careers in close-out mode that maybe we find that home we talked about moving to in retirement. It always seemed so far in the future! It would be lovely to live in a care-free environment where we could just lock-up and head out to all those places we dreamed about. Maybe it is time. Now where did I leave that note about the moving seminar that Aileen and Lisa are putting on. 
  • I really want to travel, but can I afford it?

I put the brochure of Europe down on the counter and looked around my beautiful kitchen! Huh!  I could probably sell this polished rock counter and pay for this trip.  I am just not sure how to juggle the expense of staying here and doing the travelling that I want.  I suppose if I downsized and bought something smaller that required less up-keep I could afford to make those trips I always dreamed about.  Who says you can’t have it all!


  • I want my own bathroom!

If I have to wait one more minute to get into the bathroom this morning I am going to scream! Why does it take so long for one person to do their hair and make-up? We need another bathroom! One for us and one for the kids. What were we thinking when we bought a house with only one bathroom? Of course, we were newly married and no kids, who could have for-seen three kids and two adults sharing one washroom! It’s time to move!

  • Where's my man cave?
  • Is there room for Mom & Dad?
  • I want more walkability!
  • This place is aging. Can I afford the upkeep




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