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Boy, oh boy! Real estate professionals have really been taking a beating over the last few months. I am sure in some cases it is warranted; there are poor professionals in every industry. We have heard about the malpractice of dentists, doctors, home care workers, nurses, and financiers overstepping their boundaries, making mistakes, causing bodily harm and financial ruin. Maybe it is just our turn to be on the chopping block.


The latest CBC Marketplace segment has caused a great deal of talk in the Re/Max Camosun office here in Oak Bay. Most of my colleagues are upset and angry to be lumped with “the few”; those who do harm to our good name and the standard of excellence we strive to achieve. It is disheartening to be vilified in the press and the work we do denigrated and dismissed.


Here’s what I see from my desk and in the field; good people who are sincere in their desire to see buyers and sellers come together. Every day I meet realtors whose compassion and care for their clients take them above and beyond the call of duty. Every day I speak to realtors who spend their evenings and weekends fretting about whether their clients are going to be able to afford the home they want. Every day I see realtors acting as advocates for their clients. Every day I observe realtors working together to bring about a transaction that is worry and stress-free for their clients.


This is truly a rewarding industry! We hear the media talking about the commissions earned, but what you hear about in our office is how excited someone might be that they finally found Mrs. Jones just the perfect home for her family! Or the single mother on a strict budget who has just been placed in the right home in the right neighbourhood. This is what we celebrate at our office; the people we are so proud to call our clients.


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