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I was hosting an open house the other day and had an interesting chat with a customer from Calgary.

When I asked him if he was working with a realtor he responded by asking, “Are you one of those realtors that just sends me lists of what’s new? I can’t keep up with looking at them!” What this customer is talking about is the auto-email process.


The realtor can enter your search parameters and when a new listing pops up that fits that criteria, you get an email! If the customer sees a listing that they like, they call the agent and arrange a follow-up. It is an easy process for an agent to set up and then sit back to wait for calls.


The disadvantage to the auto-email system, is that it doesn’t take into consideration the element of the customers’ personality. So yes, you may be looking for a two bedroom/two bath condo and you will get those listings within that parameter; but what it won’t give you is that slightly different listing that falls into a different category! For example, I found a charming small duplex the other day for a client, who was looking for a two and two. If I had just left it to auto-email, the listing would have been completely missed! The client, by the way, wanted to see it immediately!

Here at we believe in “concierge” treatment. It goes along with our philosophy of “Service…above all else!” New listings come on our real estate board’s listing service every day, and we scrupulously troll listings for our clients. We vet each possibility to see if it fits the client’s criteria and/or personality. You just never know when that special something might show up for that special client!


If you are looking for superior service and a concierge service that takes your needs into consideration, please email me at We would be honoured to serve you!


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