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Keep it Simple  - BE GOOD!

Remax ConferenceThis year’s Re/Max Activate conference was held at Whistler mountain last week. Of course I went! Nothing like 600 people excited about their work and careers sharing their stories.


It was a great learning experience as well as being lots of fun; chatting, laughing, and dancing! The Chateau Whistler was a wonderful venue; fabulous setting, good food and not a rubber chicken in sight!


The reason I am sharing this event with you because not only was a great time had by all, but because of the amazing keynote speaker that the Re/Max team brought in. John Herdman is coach of the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team; an unusual choice, perhaps, for a group of real estate agents. His message, however, was universal and inspiring. His sincerity and passion resonated deeply.


John stresses the importance of developing a high performance culture, learning to overcome adversity with grace, and the role of leaders to inspire trust, confidence, and success in every aspect of life, work or home. whistler-2John’s message was simple:


“Be good!” At the same time, the simplicity is complex.


How do we apply that basic principle of being good every day? Some days are more challenging than others and I have occasionally wanted to throw myself on the floor and have a tantrum. I am sure you have too!


His philosophy is be good every day and that consistency grows into greatness.

Here’s what I took away from John’s talk: a passion to create an exceptional business for my clients, where I could put their needs ahead of my own; to create a seamless and stress free event for each and every client; to be good to everyone I meet in this business; to be above board with all of my transactions; to inspire trust and loyalty; to motivate and empower others.


What will it mean to you to “Be Good” every day? I am grateful every day for the opportunity to serve you; my family, friends, and clients. Thank you for letting me share a passionate moment with you!


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