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Did You Hear?

Oak Bay was voted number six on the list of best places to live in Canada!  Of course, if you live here, it’s number one on your list, right?  Technically……...I don't live in Oak Bay, I live in Fairfield, but I have lived in Oak Bay for more years than anywhere else, so feel a sense of proprietorship.  I also work out of our Oak Bay office and am in the neighbourhood every day.  Justification!

It’s hard not to be proud of every municipality (and there are many) that make up the Greater Victoria area.  Each has its claim to fame and individual attractions that draw people to its neighbourhoods.  Let’s face it, if you live on Vancouver Island, you are living in a little bit of heaven!

Do we have our challenges?  Yes, we do!  You can only leave by boat or by plane, which horrifies some of our visitors!  The upside is that our island is bigger than some countries!  I do have friends who rarely, if ever, leave this rock!  

There is no IKEA!  I laughed so hard when I heard that one, only to find the person on the other side of the conversation quite perturbed by my reaction.  When I told them there was a company that actually went over weekly and shopped for you, they were somewhat mollified.  Phew!  I got out of that embarrassment!

Traffic!  And that word stops traffic!  Is it okay if I just cross my fingers and hope that the new cloverleaf at McKenzie will alleviate some of the woes?

There are challenges to every locale in every part of the world.  Ours are less than some and greater than others.  However when I watch the tour buses go by, I see our home from their perspective; beautiful streets, the ocean, the views, the villages, and probably many of them are thinking, “Wow, I’d really love to live here!”


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