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It is already nearing the end of February! We seem to have survived the winter snows, although perhaps I should hold my tongue and see what March brings. Hopefully, it will be buds, greenery, sunshine and archways of pink blossoms. Ever the eternal optimist!


January brought mixed reports from across the nation on the real estate industry. Prices are up, oh wait, they are down here! The mean sale price is this, oh wait, let’s take these cities out and the mean price is this! Mortgage rates are going up, oh wait, some dropped. There is a mortgage helper being launched, oh wait, if you rub your head and slap your stomach at the same time, it may work for you. It can be challenging reviewing and analyzing the data being presented.



We really don’t know what the market will do in six or twelve months. We only know what is happening now. The Victoria Real Estate Board is short on listings, and long on buyers. That is the current reality. And that is where strategy comes into play. People still need to move. Needs change, circumstances change, and we move! The market does not stop. As the market changes, so do the strategies that real estate professionals present to their clients.



What worked a year ago may not work today. New strategies, new ideas, new concepts are being tried out every day. Behind your real estate professional is another wealth of service providers who are also creating and developing new programs and products to assist in your moving needs. Drone photography, video stories, networking, and marketing services change and develop every day.


It is an exciting industry to work in and at the end of every service, there is a joy in knowing that you assisted someone in a transition.


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