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I grew up in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Kerrisdale. It’s a community of quiet, tree-lined streets; an easy walk to the shops or the community center. It always felt like a Goldilocks kind of place; it was JUST RIGHT!


Coming to Victoria twenty five years ago was a big change for our young family. And then I found Oak Bay and fell in love! It felt so much like home to wander the tree-lined streets with their eclectic mix of architecture. The twisted limbs of the Gary Oaks created their own sculptures, and offered a welcoming tunnel as you travel the roads.


As you follow the winding roads that mirror the coast line you can drop down to the end of a street and find yourself a quiet piece of beach and the magic that the ocean holds. There are lane-ways and trails to wander and explore. Within this small municipality there are unique neighbourhoods, from Henderson area on the hill with its views of the city below you to South Oak Bay where streets and paths lead to bays, beaches and the natural beauty of our coastline.


When you walk the busy village where pedestrians rule and you will find a unique shopping experience of restaurants, galleries and retailers. This is people watching paradise when you pull up a chair at one of the patios that line the street. And you mustn’t forget the smaller Estevan Village, just up from Willows Beach. Should I also mention the “fish and chips”?


So much of Oak Bay has become an iconic example of Greater Victoria. The Oak Bay Marina, the adirondack chairs that wait for you on a rocky ledge; the incredible vista as you pass the Victoria Golf Course on the water; the pristine lawns that grace the great houses, all speak of a special place on this rocky island that are immediately recognizable as Southern Vancouver Island. Oak Bay is an individual place; with character and charm galore. It has a warmth to it and a feeling of solidity. It feels like a Goldilocks kind of place; it feels JUST RIGHT!


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